Tuesday, May 27, 2008

State Senate Preview

Things are finally heating up now that the legislative session has now ended the State Senate races are heating up. I will now preview a couple of hot races.
District 37
This race will most likely be the most expensive and competitive of all. Sen. Nancy Riley will run for re-election for the first time since she switched her registration to the Democratic Party. She has maintained her voting record the last two years so on issues none of her stances have changed. Her top priority is education, she is pro-life, and remains committed to programs for child wellbeing. Her opponent is a mortgage lender Dan Newberry. So far the biggest difference between the two would be in their commitment to education, Riley was a school teacher before coming to the Senate and is one of common education's strongest advocates. Newberry would not make education a priority like Riley has. Another boost to Riley's campaign is the bond package that includes 25 million for improvements to the Arkansas River which runs through all of district 37.

Other districts where competitive races will occur are
District 21, Stillwater area, where former OSU President Halligan is the current favorite to take the seat from outgoing Democratic leader Mike Morgan.
District 15, Norman area, where Senator Nichols will face a challenge from Diane Drum.
District 31, Lawton area, where Senator Barrington will face a challenge from Keith Erwin.

District 33, Tulsa, which was a very competitive district in 2004 as Senator Adelson won by less than a 1,000 votes seems to be moving toward a strong democratic hold as Adelson has raised over $300,000 and the republicans have yet to announce a candidate a few weeks from filing.

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Anonymous Micahel said...

If Nancy Riley is so much of an advocate for education, why is she not on Education Approprations? Why are there two Democrats with less seniority (Paddack & McIntyre) that are chairs of the two Education committees?) To say that Education is more important to Riley than Newberry is not backed up by anything other than Riley is yet another teacher and Newberry is a small business owner. And Riley also switched her stance on public funding of abortion - she voted against banning public funding of abortion last year...twice. When she first ran, she said she opposed that. She also switched her vote on tort reform to please the trial lawyers who are funding her campaign.

11:32 AM  

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